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SXSW Interactive 2016

Does International Exist Or Are We One Community?

Is the world still divided or are we becoming one connected community when it comes to the current trends in media consumption? Social platforms have paved the way for us to have real time conversations globally, greatly influencing the types of content being produced and scaled for an international audience. Access to information and the tools to connect with people around the world have empowered audiences globally, affecting how media companies think about launching international editions and are moving towards building content targeted to an audience with a global mindset no matter their geographical location.

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  1. What types of content and/or topics are breaking international boundaries and resonating globally?
  2. What do the next five years of media look like from panelists eyes?
  3. What has the experience been, as an American media company, to launch internationally? How has social media influenced your expansion strategy?


  • Melinda Lee, VP of Digital Content and Audience Development , Hearst
  • Philippe von Borries , co-founder and CEO, Refinery29
  • Shannon Bond, U.S. Media and Marketing Correspondent , Financial Times
  • Ivana Kirkbride, Head of Investment Strategy and Unscripted, YouTube


Tara Dhingra, Sr Dir of Strategy , Brew Media Relations

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