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SXSW Interactive 2016

Will Technology Sideline Sports?

Gone are the days when innovations in sports-related technology were only found in shoes and scoreboards. Today, fans and teams have access to countless technology-driven products and services that enhance and extend experiences. With new sports-related startups emerging at every turn, how will these new technologies alter (and ultimately, improve) the relationships between fans, athletes, and management? LA Dodgers CFO Tucker Kain and R/GA CTO Nick Coronges will explain what’s already here and what’s to come in the world of sports technology.

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  1. What are the biggest advancements and evolutions in sports technology?
  2. When it comes to adopting and endorsing emerging sports-related technologies, what is the role of management, fans and athletes?
  3. What are industry investment trends and projections?


  • Nick Coronges, Global Chief Technology Officer, R/GA
  • Tucker Kain, CFO at Los Angeles Dodgers and Managing Director at Guggenheim Baseball Management, Los Angeles Dodgers


Allison Mertzman, Mktg Dir, R/GA

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