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Food 2020: Digital Will Disrupt the Way We Eat


Digital is changing and shaping every aspect of our relationship with food – what we eat, how we shop, where we find it, when we can access it, and why we care about it. The global adoption of technologies is creating exponential shifts in business and customer experience, resulting in new drivers and considerations required to compete in the digital era. Food 2020 will assess the impact of digital in the following four areas: Shopping; Consumption, Health & Wellness and Food Safety. This panel will examine the extent of disruption digital is having and share some of our favorite digital food snacks! Yum!

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  1. How will digital disrupt and evolve the way we shop for and consume food by the year 2020?
  2. How can digital better connect me to my food source and enable the digital dirt to dining room model by 2020?
  3. How will digital enable a more sustainable food supply chain by 2020?



Michelle Christian, Specialist Leader, Deloitte Digital

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