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SXSW Music 2016

Living in the Moment: The Power of Live Events

We live in a time-shifted world. As innovations in on-demand entertainment make it easier to press play at any moment, “being in the moment” has grown increasingly rare. Live events are a perfect remedy, inviting fans to be part of a collective moment & experience something in real-time. Across genres, people are taking advantage of this opportunity to truly immerse themselves in the music. Moderated by Hugh McIntyre, Forbes, panelists Justin Finn, Head of Events Marketing, StubHub and Vanessa Adamo, SVP of Brand Partnerships, iHeartMedia, will discuss the power of living live - and how, irrespective of advancements in technology, live events will always be key to meaningful fan experiences.

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  1. What is the true power and value of live events?
  2. Why do people rely on their phones, even at concerts and how does this impact the event-going experience?
  3. What is the right balance between encouraging phone usage (social sharing, videos, etc) and being in the moment?


  • Vanessa Adamo, Senior Vice President, Brand Partnerships for iHeartMedia's Entertainment Enterprises, iHeartMedia
  • Justin Finn, Head of Events Marketing, StubHub
  • Hugh McIntyre, Journalist, Forbes.com


Maggie Hollander, PR Representative, LaunchSquad

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  • Event: Music
  • Format: Panel
  • Track: Touring/Venues
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