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SXSWedu 2016

Math Your Own Adventure: Game Design for Learning

Since the dawn of computers, people have had a hope for what technology could do for education. One of these areas has been the use of games, which are phenomenal vehicles for learning -- they increase motivation, promote autonomy, and are designed around the absolute best learning tool: failure. Traditionally games have been used as a layer slapped on top of facts to memorize or practice. However, a new category of games is emerging, where the game is a living model of the lessons, and by playing the game, students are actually playing with and discovering how the core ideas of the new concept work. Come learn how to incorporate game-play in your classroom to maximize deeper learning.

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  1. Participants will be able to create a game challenge for their own classroom that is designed to engage students in more meaningful ways.
  2. Participants will learn how playing and creating games helps students build schemas for important concepts.
  3. Participants will discover the reasons failure is critical to deeper learning, and how gameplay helps de-stigmatize failure.



Abby Daniels, Communications Dir, MIND Research Institute

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