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Fix the World, One Payment at a Time

According to CFSI, financially underserved consumers (those financially challenged due to a variety of factors) represent over 25% of American households, and more than 68M US consumers. Globally, a study by the World Bank found more than 2.5B adults don’t have a bank account, but 1B of those unbanked have access to a mobile phone.

Joanna Lampert and Leena Rao will discuss the struggles of the underserved and underbanked, and share insights on how digital currencies hold the promise of providing financial inclusion. With 169M active accounts in 203 global markets, PayPal is uniquely positioned to speak to how people everywhere will be able to move and manage their money in the future.

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  1. Who are the financially underserved and why are they underserved?
  2. How is digital technology changing the way we view and interact with traditional banking institutions, and how does this empower people?
  3. How do we get things back on track so people feel more in control of their money, their overall financial well-being, and their lives?


  • Joanna Lambert, Vice President of Next Generation Consumer Financial Services, PayPal, PayPal
  • Leena Rao, Senior Writer, Fortune


Jennifer Wong, Sr Account Supervisor, MSLGROUP

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