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Fulfilling the My Brother’s Keeper promise in BCPS


Throughout Dr. Dance’s tenure at Baltimore County Schools, he has made it a priority to support all students; regardless of race, ethnicity, background or ZIP code. And while he works tirelessly to make sure every student gets a fair opportunity, data show that one of the most vulnerable subgroups in Baltimore County and in the US is that of young African American males. Hear Dr. Dance discuss how BCPS provides pathways to success for these young men and has implemented initiatives to ensure their academic success. Learn about his system-wide as well as personal approach to putting supports in place for young men of color to be successful.

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  1. Discuss the challenges facing young men and women of color in today’s education system – from the view of one of the country’s toughest districts.
  2. Discuss how to use technology to overcome these challenges and how to get buy-in from teachers, schoolboards and parents.
  3. Look at how to create parity within a district that has both very wealthy schools and incredibly poor schools.



Liz Stewart, Publicist, Discovery Communications

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