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SXSW Interactive 2016

Tapping the Global Millennial Workforce

Bryce Maddock has disrupted the outsourcing industry in the Philippines by taking a Silicon Valley-inspired, people-centered approach. He began by asking, “Does this work have to be miserable?” And he said no. Today Bryce’s company TaskUs provides ridiculously good customer service to the world’s fastest-growing startups – including Uber, Tinder and Whisper – while also providing stimulating work in an environment with a disruptive culture. TaskUs is tripling its work force and revenues in the next 18 months. Bryce can give a behind-the-scenes look at building a people-focused business that also operates at a $35 million run rate.

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  1. How do you build a profitable business by taking a people-centered approach?
  2. What makes millennials work harder and better than any generation before them?
  3. Can you innovate an industry that hasn't changed in 15 years?



Stephanie Harnett, Sr Asst, Olmstead Williams Communications

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