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SXSW Music 2013

Music Festivals powered by Tech Innovation

Hear how two of Europes largest festivals use technology to leverage the potential of their festivals.

Each year Roskilde Festival in Denmark erects a template for a city with a population density greater than Shanghai's. However, Roskilde Festival is not just any city. It's a unique interplay between music, art, architecture, games, and togetherness.

And the Sziget Festival in Hungary has evolved from a relatively low-profile student event in 1993 to become one of the largest European rock festivals with over 300.000 guests.

The festivals are a unique metropolitan platform for knowledge sharing, exploring potential and creating innovation. Festivals have evolved into an industry of growing importance to the economy, jobs and development. Their playful process is a catalyst for the real world. The festivals might be temporary, but their wake is persistent.

It is very simple: What you'll meet in your community tomorrow, you will meet at these festivals today.

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  1. What will a cashless society be like and how would it work? Sziget has already gone 100 per cent cash free with great results.
  2. Can concrete be photoconductive? Large screens that are super durable and weather resistant, for example. Imagine moving images on floors, pavements, walls and benches! Or something completely different that can provide a real urban pulse.
  3. How can data collection with video cameras in the stage ceilings, subjects wearing pressure-sensitive vests that also measure the pulse and heat, and fences that measures the amount of pressure help with crowd management and safety? Hear how the festivals are experimenting with cameras, GPS tracking of key persons and interactive 3D models of the areas. It is not about monitoring, but about keeping people safe. All experience is shared with the world so real cities can learn too.
  4. How can a festival act as a playground for IT developers who want to play with an inquisitive audience? How can it be a tool and a forum that creates solutions that develop the festival and the society in a digital way that can benefit all? A unique lab where, among other things, mobile apps are created for and by the audience together with the festivals in an open source mindset.
  5. How can a festival be a giant workshop on how to optimize live sound? To be part of an ongoing process that comes with the new knowledge and techniques in the field. We make sound level measurements of both the objective as well as the perceived sound quality and thereby collect a comprehensive data catalog on sound.



Mikkel Freltoft Krogsholm, Year round volunteer, Roskilde Festival

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