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SXSW Interactive 2016

Embrace Data for an Algorithmic Content Strategy

Newsrooms used to be built on experience, tradition and journalistic intuition. Stories took time to build, guts to publish and good old fashioned investigation to get the facts. Then Twitter happened. News cycles flipped from days and weeks to seconds and minutes, and a new role emerged that’s as critical to a content strategy as any editor: the data geek.

Join media expert, Craig Key for a conversation on using data to inform content strategy, and how a modern content team must use analytics to make better outcomes for the content created for any brand or publication.

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  1. How does data inform content categories and optimizations?
  2. How can digital media help evaluate the effectiveness of content?
  3. How do newsrooms use "big data" in real time?


  • Craig Key, Senior Vice President of Media, space150


Kristen Emmons, PR + Emerging Media Planner, space150

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