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SXSW Interactive 2016

Inclusion & The Black Creative Technologist

The hooded sweatshirt wearing developer and tatted out creative, represent the stereotypical image of the people shaping our world. Blacks may not fit these stereotypes but still poses the dynamic ability to lead and shape innovative work in the creative work space.
Creative and technology driven environments such as: design firms, advertising agencies and product development companies offer prime opportunities for creative technologist to step-in and make an automatic impact. Unfortunately they tend to have less connections with the stereotyped figures limiting opportunities. How can leaders, managers and co-workers help foster inclusion while creating innovative work?

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  1. How to build teams of technologist and creatives that create innovative work while working great together?
  2. How can you foster the young talent within your organization to become you future leaders?
  3. Where are the best non-traditional environments to find creative and technical talent from a diverse background?



Charles Duncan, Dir of Technology, Wieden+Kennedy

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