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SXSWedu 2016

STEAM Inspired Girl Education

Inspire Girls Academy is an independent PreK-8 based in Chicago. We are inspired to teach young scholars to challenge societal norms around STEAM, and prepare them to focus their passion and work toward impacting their communities and the world.Our curriculum focuses on building girls’ confidence so they can break boundaries, cultivate leadership skills, inspire success, and take risks. The importance of Arts in STEM, single gender education and holistic learning will be the key learning objectives discussed in an open conversation with educators and innovators.

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  1. How Integrating Arts curriculum into STEM enables children to use both sides of their brain when problems solving and engaging the world around them.
  2. How girls in single gender education are more likely to take healthy risks and 6 times more likely to consider jobs in math, science, and technology.
  3. Education with a holistic perspective the development of every child’s intellectual, emotional, social, physical, artistic, and creative potential.



Shalini Patel, Co Founder & Principal, Inspire Girls Academy

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