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Making Distributed Content Work in News


Companies like Snapchat, Facebook, and Apple are now asking the media to forgo their old websites and publish directly to their platforms. Snapchat Discover, Facebook Instant articles, and Apple News all offer the chance to reach a growing mobile audience on wildly popular platforms.
What are the tradeoffs for publishers in hosting their work on other people's property? What's the potential audience look like? Can big media companies be successful on platforms that favors the raw aesthetics of user-generated content?
A panel of journalists from companies including NowThis and First Look Media will discuss the opportunities and challenges of distributed content.

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  1. What do media companies gain or lose by publishing on Snapchat, Facebook, or with Apple?
  2. What possibilities does this offer up in terms of new revenue for media companies?
  3. How can these platforms influence the way stories are told and designed?



Justin Ellis, Staff Writer, Nieman Journalism Lab

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