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SXSW Interactive 2016

Deep Web & Dark Social: Is Anything Really Private

Nothing you post online is private, but it’s not all public either.

That’s because of two things: Deep Web and Dark Social. Deep web is part of the web that’s not indexable by search engines. For example, Facebook. Dark Social is social content that’s shared through private channels. For example, e-mail.

Research shows the Deep Web is about 550x larger than the surface web, and sharing activity through Dark Social is up to 3x larger than sharing activity on Facebook.

Join Marc Jensen and Greg Swan for a conversation about the implications of Deep & Dark on privacy, disposable social networks like Snapchat, and how to manage your ever-expanding digital footprint.

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  1. How are social networks like Snapchat empowering Dark Social, and search engines like Tor opening up the Dark Web?
  2. What are the emerging trends in Deep & Dark, and are there really ways to protect your data and content?
  3. What type of information is for sale on the dark web, with real-world examples?


  • Greg Swan, VP, PR & Emerging Media, space150
  • Marc Jensen, Managing Partner/CTO, space150


Greg Swan, VP PR & Emerging Media, space150

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