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Generation #Selfie: Do teens care about privacy?

How are today’s teenagers changing the definition of privacy? The vast majority use smartphones and a quarter admit to being online "almost constantly.” They broadcast their lives on the Web: sharing selfies and emotional updates with their social networks. Does this mean they're oblivious to privacy concerns? Or are they actually more savvy than adults about privacy hazards, such as when they block parents or teachers from seeing their posts? Can teens understand the potentially lasting real-life consequences of posting online? The answers will have a profound impact on companies and marketers targeting young consumers. Do companies have a responsibility to help them protect their privacy?

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  1. Do today's teenagers care about privacy online – and are they equipped to understand the long term consequences of their digital actions?
  2. How are picture-sharing, live-streaming and anonymous posting apps integrating into young people's lives?
  3. What can companies do to encourage them to say safe online and better protect their privacy?



Sara Sorcher, Deputy Editor, Passcode, The Christian Science Monitor

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