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SXSW Interactive 2016

Let’s Drop The Term Millennials

Over the past few years we’ve been bombarded with Millennial talk - the label has been excessively overused. Philippe von Borries, co-founder & CEO of Refinery29, a company that speaks to millions of “Millennials” every day, believes it’s time to stop talking about what the Millennial generation is & start talking about how it has influenced the next iteration of culture & globalization. He believes Millennial culture speaks to a way of thinking around identity & self-expression, not an age group, & that this mindset is dictating the new global psyche and affecting people of all ages. Philippe will discuss how this mindset will affect the future of business & what it means for our society.

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  1. Why should we re-frame the way we speak about Millennials?
  2. How has the millennial mindset impacted the way we do business?
  3. How can brands adapt to our new global, Millennial-minded society?


  • Philippe von Borries, Co-founder & CEO, Refinery29


Ashley Hopkins, Sr Account Exec, Brew Media Relations

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