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SXSW Interactive 2013

TV Throwdown: Brand/Digital Content v Creative

Do TV networks/studios need brands to support social/digital content, or is TV doing just fine on it's own? Brother against brother,  Executive Producer against Digital Brand Content Strategist, the Korsh's slug it out.  Join the reunion as Creator and Executive Producer of USA Network hit series Suits, Aaron Korsh, and his brother Eric Korsh, himself a former EP turned Brand Content Strategist at Digitas, match wits on the pros and cons of Social TV, Episodic Web Series, Product Placement and other critical world events.  

Moderator options, if any, include the lucky parents who raised them to love video, childhood friends who can dish the dirt, a referee/journalist, or possibly just a complete free-for-all.

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  1. Who cares about Social TV or Supplemental Content on the creative side...? Anyone?  How has social changed the creative story and/or script process? Does it change how the talent approach their craft? What impact do those millions of Tweets and Posts have on the studio system?
  2. What are the challenges with producing native digital content that is based on secondary story or characters?  Story? Budget? Who is demanding this content - marketing, development, ad sales? Is it optional? Is it worth making web shorts as stand-alone content, or should they be fully integrated into the storyline? Does your audience even give a shit - or do they demand it?
  3. Do brands really have the stomach for integration, or are they better off on the sidelines? What value does the sideline have as multitasking diffuses attention? Is there a role for them outside of sponsorship? Can brands add value to the system and, if so, in what ways? Ultimately what is the role of brands in/with/for content?
  4. What is the worst thing a Network has asked you to do for a brand? What are the pitfalls of working with the brands, or their agencies? What are the issues that brands cause when they try and insert themselves into these social conversations/content?
  5. Most importantly: What is the best show on TV? What is the best native digital show?



Eric Korsh, VP/GD, Brand Content, Digitas

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