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SXSW Interactive 2016

This Is Not A Film: Phenomenology in VR

While the basic tenants of storytelling (character, action, location, spectacle) have remained unchanged for thousands of years, technology, from the printing press to the supercomputer, has irrevocably changed the way stories are received and thereby also changed how they are told. While production process for VR closely resembles production in the film industry, the final product should resemble anything but.
This one hour TED-style presentation unpacks the differences in the received experience between filmic storytelling and VR storytelling to identify the elements traditional filmmakers need to consider if they hope to create compelling VR content.

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  1. What makes a piece of VR content different from other forms of digital content?
  2. Where do I start when writing or conceiving a piece to be watched in a VR headset?
  3. How can writers, directors, and actors immediately apply new ways of thinking about character, location, and their audience?



Christina Heller, CEO, VR Playhouse

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