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SXSWedu 2016

Edu-gaming: Money, Morals and Games in Classrooms

This panel, moderated by Mitch Weisburgh, co-founder, Games4Ed, will explore various strategies to foster sustainable edugame development. The panel will consider how learning game developers can fund classroom expansion leveraging such models as: sales to teachers/schools, app sales to parents, comprehensive curriculum, non-profit fundraising, sponsorships, and learning platforms. Using an ethical lens, the panel will reflect on what’s in the "teacher’s best interest" for adoption, including trade-offs between game quality and financial return.

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  1. Game based learning evolution - will game based learning become a must-have core learning vs. a nice-to-have supplemental engagement?
  2. The ethical considerations raised in funding and building a market for game based learning through educational and consumer channels.
  3. What determines if a game is free, paid or freemium and the criteria educators can use to separate learning games from edutainment.



Marissa GIlbert, Chief of Staff, iCivics

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