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SXSW Interactive 2016

Give it Away to Get Rich: Open Cultural Heritage

Open content, open access; what do these things mean? Come to a panel on how openly sharing cultural heritage content wins hearts, minds, & funding.
Over 50 galleries, libraries, archives, and museums have pursued open access with permissions to reuse over the last decade, to a varying degree, removing technical and copyright barriers to their public domain collections. With a decade of practice under the belts of these early adopters, we can better understand the impact of open initiatives on several fronts:
- Brand
- Finances
- Public engagement
- Institutional relevance
- Mission
- Organizational culture
- Staffing

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  1. What has been the impact on the brand, finances, culture, & staff when cultural organizations adopt open access initiatives?
  2. What are the risks to not giving it away?
  3. What are people doing with open cultural heritage material?



Effie Kapsalis, Head of Web, New Media, & Outreach, Smithsonian Institution Archives

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