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SXSWedu 2016

Made by Girls: Building Tech Confidence in Girls

This year at DMA, we developed a Girls in Tech initiative called Made By Girls. The first step was to create a girls-only version of our Introduction to Programming with Java course. We ran Made by Girls at 5 locations throughout the nation and Canada, led by female instructors and TAs committed to serving as Role Models. We dedicated ourselves to changing the culture of CS in our classrooms to combat 3 large barriers 1) negative stereotypes, 2) lack of role models, 3) self doubt and isolation. We also wondered what would happen if we implemented these changes in our co-ed course as well. Come see examples of the tools we used and let us share what we found.

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  1. Communicate better practices for engaging girls in underrepresented subjects.
  2. Share findings on how those better practices can be applied to all students.
  3. Discuss the experiences of our female leadership in the classroom - the impact of being a role model.



Shane White, Asst Dir of Curriculum and Instruction, Digital Media Academy

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