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SXSW Interactive 2016

Hey Ladies - Female Showrunners in Public TV

An in-depth conversation with the remarkable women behind some of public television’s most iconic series - ANTIQUES ROADSHOW, MASTERPIECE, and NOVA. From soaring successes to lessons learned, take a closer look at these beloved programs and their evolution amidst a constantly changing TV landscape.

Millions of viewers tune-in every week, but did you know that showrunners for some of public television’s longest running productions are female? Want to know more about how they got there, and their plans for the future? Get diverse perspectives – and juicy behind-the-scenes stories – from these leading ladies as they compare notes on their rise to the top.

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  1. Are public television and commercial television really that different?
  2. How are you embracing new technologies into your series?
  3. What opportunities and experiences led you to a career in public media?



Olivia Wong, Sr Account Exec, MASTERPIECE, WGBH

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