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SXSW Interactive 2016

Let’s NOT Talk About Sex: Case Against the F Word

From Reddit’s Ellen Pao to Tinder’s Whitney Wolfe, it’s tough out there for a woman in the Valley. While roadblocks for women in tech continue to get in the way, it's time to ask ourselves if we're taking the right approach. By continually talking about females in the industry, we actually limit them by including an unnecessarily qualifying adjective. A “female” CTO, “female” engineer, a “female” coder: when will we allow these titles -- and women -- to stand on their own?

In this session, StubHub’s Chief Technology Officer, Raji Arasu, discusses her own path to success, and argues that by continually celebrating women in tech, we’re actually moving further away from gender equality.

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  1. Why is there always a “female” addition to every job title?
  2. Why does this prevent us from moving forward?
  3. What’s a better way to address the rarity of female leaders?


  • Raji Arasu, Chief Technology Officer, StubHub


Anna Dore, Account Assoc, LaunchSquad

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