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Model Making & Model Applications

BYOD? Bring your own enthusiasm for making into the enterprise and make apps! Hobbyist, crafters, and model makers can now bring skills and energy from Maker Faire world into the world of enterprise devices. We show how how model makers move from beyond making things out of the box with generic instructions towards aftermarket advice, parts and patterns, making custom variants of planes, trains, automobiles, etc. Thus, makers of software applications turn to open standard software and free available usability and development advice to create apps and websites than excite and delight users, while personalizing and customizing designs just like hobbyists. Why not crochet your next model app before firing up the Eclipse development environment?

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  1. Can you make a living from hobby making in the enterprise applications development world?
  2. What lessons can we learn from chimpanzes, Star Trek and superheroes when thinking about design of applications?
  3. How can kids and young adult makers get started in development of applications?
  4. How do you best make usable apps for real users using those craft and hobby skills?
  5. What usability advice is freely available for makers of mobile and desktop applications? And where do you go for it?



Ultan O'Broin, Director, User Experience, Oracle EMEA Ltd

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