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SXSW Interactive 2016

Applied Neuroscience for Fun and Profit

Science and technology continually stretch the boundary of what it means to be a human, as well as extending the capacity of a single individual to shape circumstances and for a group of individuals to collaborate on a task. While advances are not universally positive, according to some, we live in the most prosperous time of all. Can we continue this trend via the continued advance of knowledge, or have we reached a zenith? Buckminster Fuller envisioned a World Game that would enable the whole of humanity to collaborate on a shared future. Jane McGonigal posited that games could fix a broken reality. How do we use these tools to help navigate the increasingly turbulent waters of change?

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  1. What if advances in neuroscience can help us transform distraction into creativity in a compelling and fun way?
  2. Will automation and AI result in catastrophic unemployment, or lead to an abundance of highly motivated and inspired entrepreneurs?
  3. How do I identify the essential skills that I should personally master to help cultivate a compelling future in spite of technology?



David Swedlow, Founder, Metastorming

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