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The Psychological Power Behind Q&A Websites

Leigh McMillan, Avvo’s VP of Marketing (former Senior Vice President and General Manager at Marchex) will talk about the evolution of online Q&A and how brands can leverage it as a marketing channel to build communities and drive engagement. Q&A, formerly the domain of Yahoo Answers, is now fueling game changing sites and applications including Quora, StackExchange and locally focused Loqli and CrowdBeacon. Leigh will use relevant examples to show how consumer behavior has changed with Q&A, how it fits with social media and what it all means for companies and marketers. It’s more than people just asking questions online – there is a deeper psychology behind how and why Q&A is successful.

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  1. How and why have Q&A sites evolved over the past 5 years; and what is coming next?
  2. How can companies/marketers use Q&A to drive engagement among their online communities and/or customer base?
  3. What are the keys to building a trusted Q&A community?
  4. What are the pros/cons of anonymous and open vs closed Q&A forums?
  5. How does social media impact the growth of Q&A websites?



Megan Olendorf, Marketing & Events Manager, Avvo

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