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SXSW Interactive 2016

Get Bigger Without Bloating: Startups at Scale

When you grow quickly changes need to be made. You’re moving differently, things don’t look the same, and activities you once executed with ease are now more difficult to maneuver.

You’re a startup and you’re getting big (yay) but now you have to look out for bloating. Join Brian Dainton, Spredfast’s official VP of Engineering and unofficial company cheerleader, for insights and learnings on what it means to beat the bloat in a rapidly expanding company.

Brian’s team doubled in size overnight when Mass Relevance and Spredfast merged in 2014. Hear how he’s managed the change, hired more top talent, and restructured the team to become an unstoppable, Emmy-Award-winning, organization.

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  1. What type of organizational changes need to be taken into consideration as your startup expands?
  2. How do you maintain (or even build) efficiency and effectiveness as your startup grows?
  3. How did you evaluate what changes need to be made and what needed to stay the same?


  • Brian Dainton, VP of Engineering, Spredfast


Samantha Subar, PR, Spredfast

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