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SXSW Interactive 2016

Crowdfunding: Possibilities and Policy Challenges

This panel will discuss the state of crowdfunding from the rewards-based to the equity platforms enabling new capital-raising opportunities for startups and entrepreneurs. We'll first consider the pros and cons of the various types of crowdfunding. Moreover, we’ll dive into the policy landscape and discuss how policy has shaped the current crowdfunding market, as well as what policy barriers remain in Congress, the FTC and the SEC to unleashing the full power of the crowd. With experts on the regulatory and legal challenges to crowdfunding as well as practitioners in the industry who’ve pioneered new platforms, we’ll present a range of viewpoints on the topic as well as deep expertise.

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  1. How does a savvy entrepreneur navigate the various types of crowdfunding now available? What about an investor, especially a novice investor?
  2. At its best, what does the future of this market look like? What’s holding it back?
  3. From a regulatory perspective, what makes crowdfunding challenging and what about crowdfunding most scares lawmakers?



Anna Duning, Program Mgr, Engine

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