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SXSW Interactive 2016

Weed on Speed

So, in case you haven’t heard, pot’s legal in Colorado. Which, is sweet until you have the entire nation watching how you handle this monumental decision with historic cultural, political and public health implications.

As we set out to launch of the first-ever marijuana education and awareness campaign, we faced what would seem to be insurmountable odds – approval from a statewide stakeholders, a green light from the Governor, and less than six weeks from kick-off to deployment thanks to a clause written into the law.

We’ll share how overcoming these odds is evidence that age-old industry notion that complex campaigns need more time is complete bullshit.

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  1. In what ways can complex issues, like writing the marketing playbook for an entire industry, benefit from speeding up standard creative timelines?
  2. What hurdles with media partners and digital vendors did we face in bringing a campaign regarding a federally illegal drug to their platform?
  3. What impact does the quickening pace of innovation and changing client expectations have on the creative process?


  • Mike Lee, Director of Digital Strategy, Cactus
  • Kate Schmitz, VP, Digital and Content Production, Cactus
  • Norm Shearer, Partner and Chief Creative Officer, Cactus


April Ingle, Publicist & Content Mgr, Cactus

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