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SXSW Interactive 2016

Are You Engaged? Connecting with Multiplatform Fan

Fueled by technology and unprecedented levels of access, connectivity has changed the landscape of 21st century fan engagement. From drone footage of arena construction to live Periscopes of events, fans expect quick and reliable information that provides deep insights into their favorite teams. How can a team dominate and harness the changing rules of engagement and evolving landscape of social and traditional media to create an appealing fan approved brand? The Sacramento Kings share lessons learned to balance today’s multiplatform digital landscape while maintaining relevancy with traditional platforms and dissect how these factors affect the future of fan experience.

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  1. As marketers, what is the value and worth of traditional platforms? What is the value and worth of Digital platforms?
  2. How have the Sacramento Kings led the forefront of embracing new technologies and digital platforms to engage and interact with fans?
  3. With the increased demand for personal interaction with fans and followers. what should marketers do to engage multiplatform connected fans?



Laura Braden, Sr Dir of Communications, Sacramento Kings

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