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SXSW Interactive 2016

Inspiring Impact Through Compassionate Technology

Ending homelessness is a challenge for communities across the US, and the world. What if we could use the power of technology and compassion to create change in poverty? Where does humanity and technology intersect in inspiring that change? When leveraging technology for good, it’s important to approach products with compassion in mind and design for how those products will inspire real empathy in our communities, especially when working in poverty alleviation. This session will look at technologies that successfully design with compassion in mind and dig into what we’ve learned at HandUp from building a crowdfunding platform for people experiencing homelessness.

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  1. What is compassionate technology?
  2. How can I think about integrating compassionate design in my product?
  3. How can compassion be a key element in creating change in the world?


  • Sammie Rayner, Director of Partnerships, HandUp


Sammie Rayner, Dir of Partnerships, HandUp

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  • Tags: sxgood
  • Event: Interactive
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  • Track: Global Good
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  • Level: Advanced
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