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SXSW Interactive 2016

Mobile VR: the key to the killer consumer app?

Gamers are currently the best ambassadors of VR as they are enthralled by the most immersive medium on the market that enables them a realistic and 360 experience. When will it be time for mass consumers or “late adopters” to experience the benefits of VR in their everyday lives- if at all?

We will explore if and how our smartphones could be the key to unlocking mass consumer adoption. Seasoned VR experts will shed their insights on the current barriers of adoption and what needs to be improved from both the hardware and software sides. Beyond that, this panel will further probe whether consumers are even interested in integrating a new tech medium to their lives.

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  1. How is VR different than new mediums introduced to consumers and does this difference influence the long lead time for mass adoption?
  2. What are the tipping points for mass consumer adoption and the emerging consumer verticals? How does/ will mobile VR bring high fidelity?
  3. Why is there still a lack of engaging content? What are the challenges?



Rebecca Mandel, Mktg Mgr, Samsung Global Innovation Center

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