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How Project-Based Learning Inspires Curiosity


Project-based learning is a way to immerse students in STEM at an age when research says their interest in STEM declines. Thought-provoking challenges engage students in STEM and encourage creative thinking about solving tomorrow’s challenges. Meet the winner of the 2012 Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge who will discuss how it helped her develop an inexpensive method to clean water using solar power and launched her toward a path of success. Joining her are educators and scientists to discuss how these contests and the mentoring built into them inspire kids’ curiosity.

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  1. Discuss the theories behind project-based learning and best practices for large- and small-scale initiatives.
  2. Show practically how project based learning inspires kids – by talking to a student who can describe the process first-hand.
  3. Discuss ways to engage inspiring mentors in a way that immerses them into the education of kids who need it most.



Marty Newton-Braxton, Exec Asst, Discovery Education

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