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SXSW Music 2013

Making Free Content Work for Fans and Artists

Artists and fans receive untold value from non-traditional business models, some of which have worked and some of which haven't. Policy debates rage in D.C., but what's clear is that if fans want content for free, they can find a way to get it. This panel will look at the "value of free" and who benefits - fans, artists, and distributors. It will discuss best practices and tips for taking advantage of free content and business models that make sense surrounding "free" content. Finally, it will pay attention to the policy fights of the past few years and discuss copyright laws and what we see on the horizon and how that might affect the industry.

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  1. How can artists benefit from using free content? Specifically, what free resources exist for those who want to sample music? Do they need to be concerned about legal risks?
  2. How can artists monetize their work if content is available for free?
  3. What specific business models have worked to make sure artists can still make a living if their content is available for free?
  4. How do recent fights in Congress over laws like SOPA and domain seizures, especially like the one of Megaupload, impact artists, distributors, and fans? What can artistis, distributors, and fans do to navigate these policy battles, and get involved where necessary?
  5. What upcoming policy debates in D.C. and what technological advances will change this conversation? Do we think this will help artists, distributors, and fans or hurt them more?



Julie Samuels, Staff Attorney, Electronic Frontier Foundation

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