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SXSW Interactive 2016

Analytics-aided personalization

By now, we’re all familiar with “right message, right person, right time” — the holy grail of targeting. If anything, we’ve heard it so many times it's almost meaningless. But in the arenas of technology, media, and telecommunications (not to mention the broader business world), it’s an idea that is enjoying a major resurgence as companies begin to make use of a bevy of new tools, most of which build on or extend analytics capabilities. For these companies, it’s about personalization—communicating not with micro-audiences who share interests and demographic characteristics, but with individuals, on their terms. Ten years ago, it was a good idea. Today, it’s actually possible - at scale...

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  1. We all know Apps are used to serve up content—but how do they also serve as engines of data for Marketing, Sales, and Service teams to leverage
  2. How do we weave "analytics," "big data," and "machine learning" together to give front-line reps insights they need to make smart decisions instantly
  3. What are some persona-based use cases that illustrate the advantages of analytics-based personalization across Marketing, Sales, and Service?



Natalie Groff, Mgr, Deloitte Consulting

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