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21st century learning through Coding, Game-Design

As the shift in education moves towards 21st century learning focusing on problem solving, design thinking and collaboration, games have become effective systems to address these skills. Makerspaces provide hands-on learning environment where students can design, invent, build and create, but for some, they are expensive and complex. Alternatively games are being leveraged to teach kids to these skills.This panel brings together entrepreneurs developing learning games that explicitly teach coding, game-design and implicitly teach 21st century skills our children need to be successful. This group will explore the unique role games play in the maker movement to promote 21st century learning.

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Learning Objectives

  1. Assess how coding and game-design games help kids gain 21st century skills.
  2. Analyze how coding and game design games provide contextualized learning environments and allow kids to learn by doing.
  3. Understanding what the barriers are to bring 21st century learning games into the classroom and home.



Deena Minwalla, Dir, Programs, Colab

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