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SXSW Interactive 2016

Edible Insects: Fad, or Future Food Security?

Consuming insects as food has been practiced since prehistoric times, but in Western culture it remains an unpopular form of nourishment. Edible insects are a sustainable food source, utilizing far less water, land and other natural resources than other food groups. As an industry, edible insects have become high dollar business. Will "First World" countries lose their taboos, and embrace insects as the high protein, rich in vitamins and amino acids food that it is, or will the loathing of creepy crawlies prevail? The debate will be lively, as a prominent chef, an edible insect industry insider, and an adventurous but not fearless eater discuss the facts and phobias of bugs as food.

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  1. Where are these insects sourced, and are they safe to eat?
  2. Just how much nutrition can you get from a bug?
  3. How are professional chefs using insects in their dishes and making them delicious for modern, adventuresome diners?



Kay Marley-Dilworth, Principal, ATXFoodnews

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