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Using 360º Spherical Video as a Teaching Tool


Educators, researchers and design teams continue to look for innovative solutions to better support lab-based and field-based instruction in online learning environments. The emergence of interactive 360º video capture and virtual reality technologies (i.e. Google cardboard) have provided new approaches for delivering instruction. Students can observe (visually and aurally) an environment while retaining the ability to look around in any direction on a variety of devices.This session provides a demonstration of a virtual reality field-based simulation. We will share our lessons learned on these projects and involve participants in the ongoing conversation of virtual reality in education.

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  1. Describe 360º video capture and virtual reality technologies and its potential impact and drawbacks for the delivery of instructional.
  2. Observe the workflow used in field-based instructional scenarios that incorporate 360º video capture and virtual reality technology.
  3. Discuss different applications and potential for the use of 360º video and virtual reality technologies for lab-based and field-based instruction.



Mike Cuales, Creative Dir, North Carolina State University

Meta Information:

  • Tags: vr, 360 video, interactive design
  • Event: EDU
  • Format: Playground Talk
  • Track: Instructional Strategies
  • Session Focus Area
  • Level: Basic Understanding

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