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SXSW Interactive 2016

Office Free: Building the 21st Century Company

Art & Logic has been a completely distributed company since 1991, and have heard every reason why what we do can’t be done. More and more businesses are coming around to being office-free, but we see the same mistakes being made repeatedly by organizations trying to adopt this way of working.

This session will talk about lessons we’ve learned in the past 25 years -- how to effectively recruit and hire people you’ve never met, how to build strong and cohesive distributed teams, and how to build and nurture a solid company culture without requiring everyone to be in the same building. We’ll discuss tools, too, but mostly how to build an environment for dispersed humans to work together.

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  1. How can an organization with workers spread across the world build a solid, healthy, and vibrant corporate culture?
  2. How can you effectively recruit and hire workers that you’ve never met face to face, and how do you then integrate those workers into remote teams?
  3. What tools, techniques, infrastructure, and practices are best suited to make groups of distributed workers gel as effective, productive, happy teams?



Joshua Gill, Global Account Mgr, Art & Logic

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