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SXSW Interactive 2016

Cryptowars 2.0: Silicon Valley vs. Washington

To fight hackers and eavesdropping governments, companies such as Apple and Google moved to deploy especially strong security protections. But US officials say this default encryption in consumer devices prevents them from catching terrorists and criminals – and want companies to weaken their encryption to give them easier access. Should they?

Join the discussion with key figures in the debate raging between national law enforcement and the tech sector. The outcome will have a profound impact on the future of the Internet. What’s the right balance between protecting people’s personal privacy and the country’s security? If the US wins a back door, will other countries demand them, too?

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  1. What role should tech companies play in ensuring their users' privacy?
  2. What’s at stake if law enforcement can’t access encrypted data even when they have a warrant?
  3. If the US wins a back door, will it set a precedent for other countries such as China and the UK seeking more access to data within their borders?



Sara Sorcher, Deputy Editor, Passcode, The Christian Science Monitor

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