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Begging for Disruption: EdTech Procurement


EdTech Procurement is broken. American K-12 schools spend over $20 billion annually on instructional materials for students. This money is often spent without any measure of the impact on students. As a result, schools unintentionally waste public funds, provide students inferior or inappropriate materials, and perpetuate a system that makes it difficult for new, more effective curricula and instructional materials to break into the market, chilling investor interest in building -solutions.

Our panel will shed light on:

- Opportunities & new models to unlock K-12 edtech market
- Innovations that can make edtech procurement more transparent and responsive

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  1. Participants will learn about innovative approaches to procurement – including new paradigms and cooperative purchasing models.
  2. Participants will understand how they can better introduce new products into the market stream of school procurement.
  3. Participants will be exposed to existing best practices – which they can replicate or deploy in their work.



Giuseppe Basili, Dir, Strategic Initiatives, Jack Kent Cooke Foundation

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