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SXSW Interactive 2016

How Video Introduced Me to the Deaf Community

Video is a powerful tool for community managers. It puts faces and personalities to names, while enabling them to connect and engage with their audience in a more human way. For Sarah Snow, Glide’s Community Manager, video helped her uncover an unexpected group of users for her company’s video messaging app: the deaf community.

Join Sarah and award-winning film director, Jules Dameron, who happens to be deaf, to learn about the critical role video played in connecting Sarah with Glide’s deaf users. Revisit her journey learning ASL, understanding deaf culture and starting the #withcaptions movement to encourage YouTubers to make their videos more accessible by adding closed captions.

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  1. Why should community managers use video to engage their audiences?
  2. How can community managers engage user communities that speak a different language?
  3. What are some useful tips and tricks for creating great video content that will resonate with my user community?



Chaim Haas, Head of Comms, Glide

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