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SXSW Interactive 2016

How Your Dislikes Can Power Personalization

From your Netflix queue to your Facebook news feed, personalization algorithms are a prominent component of nearly every platform, network, and marketplace today. But just as important as analyzing the content you engage with and recommending similar results is using that information to determine what you don't like.

In this solo presentation, Parag Vaish, Head of Mobile at StubHub, will explain the nuances of understanding fans' preferences, and the importance of inferring insights from what they don't tell you -- ensuring that Yankees fans never see Red Sox content!

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  1. How can companies improve personalization by accounting for dislikes as well as likes?
  2. Why is it important to deduce users' dislikes from known information about them?
  3. How does StubHub approach personalization?


  • Parag Vaish, Head of Mobile, StubHub


Jennifer Zimmerman, Acct Mgr, LaunchSquad

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