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How an Awkward Girl and a Teen Wolf Make Friends

Meet the creators and writers from MTV’s popular series Teen Wolf and Awkward, along with MTV’s head of social who will discuss how digital and social platforms are providing television networks with new opportunities to keep fans engaged with shows, characters and talent before, during and after episodes and even between seasons. Through initiatives like Teen Wolf The Hunt, a real time narrative in which fans enter the world of the show to solve a mystery, and Jenna Hamilton Facebook page, a daily update in the voice of Awkward main character, MTV is pioneering ways to utilize social platforms to seamlessly weave social expressions into show narratives and grow fanbases. Attendees will hear tactics deployed from the front lines as MTV Director of Social Media Tom Fishman, joined by series creators and writers Lauren Iungerich and Jeff Davis, will discuss how they collaborate on how to leverage social platforms in season and during a show hiatus.

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  1. What are the key benefits social now provides television networks and show writers in engaging their fans before, during and after episodes?
  2. Walk the audience through how MTV is working with its show runners to incorporate social activity directly into shows through external narratives that run parallel to what’s happening on the screen.
  3. How do networks utilize social networks to activate fan bases even before a show launches?
  4. Traditionally, when a show ends its season, it goes dark. How is social providing television networks the opportunity to actually grow audience numbers during a long hiatus?
  5. Describe new revenue models that transmedia experiences like Teen Wolf The Hunt provide networks?



Kurt Patat, Senior Director, MTV & VH1 Press, MTV

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