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SXSWedu 2016

Where Are All the Women in Educational Leadership?

Over seventy percent of the education workforce consists of women, yet the number of women in leadership positions falls far short of that statistic. Despite a preponderance of inspiring women in education, we do not hear about them nearly as often as we should because the pulpit seems to be dominated by men. Women in education influence everyone in the field through their research, opinions and experiences, and have helped fight bad reform, create more innovative practices in the classroom, and unify voices around the country if not the world. This panel will explore the explore the gender imbalance in educational leadership and what we can all to do address it.

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  1. Explore the dynamics around the lack of women in education leadership positions
  2. Hear from several women in education leadership as they share their journeys, barriers to success, and recommendations for the future
  3. Understand how to improve the practices or your school, district, or organization to support the presence of more women in leadership


  • Jennifer Abrams, Communications Consultant, Corwin
  • Peter DeWitt, Consultant, Corwin
  • Sonja Alexander, Senior Consultant, Insight Education Group
  • Jenni Donohoo, Researcher, Literacy Gains


Jennifer Abrams, Communications Consultant, Corwin

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