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Is It Possible for a Safer, Saner & Civil Internet

Over 70% of women use social media, 40% in gaming, but only 30% in tech. Many use these as outlets to speak out against stereotypes and narratives that have implicit biases. Others just have an opinion but as an opinionated woman, she is not just harassed but is threatened with rape, violence & death threats. If that woman happens to be a woman of color she gets the combination of all of the above with an addition of racial hate & threats. Many of us have experienced the unpleasant reality of being a woman who speaks freely on the Internet. So what can be done? Arthur Chu, Shireen Mitchell & Brianna Wu will have an intriguing & insightful discussion on this issue during this session.

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  1. Is there an increase of online threats for women?
  2. Is law enforcement & legislators doing everything they can do to protect women online?
  3. Are social media companies helping women or unknowingly supporting those that harass & threaten women & women of color online?



Shireen Mitchell, Founder, Digital Sisters

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