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SXSW Interactive 2016

Innovating for the Future, Not the Platform

As social media platforms and other distribution vehicles command more of publishers’ collective attention, sending us all on a wild goose chase after the next best thing, how can we distinguish between trends of the moment (i.e. everything that's giving us "shiny object syndrome") and larger digital landscape shifts? When and how do we tailor content to new platforms? Those who helm the digital futures of two PBS powerhouse series, NOVA and FRONTLINE, will share their strategic vision at a time when strategies seem to change on a daily basis.

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  1. How do we manage the relationship between impromptu experimentation and long-term strategic planning?
  2. How do we use storytelling and packaging appropriately across social media and other platforms?
  3. As content gets distributed across multiple platforms, how do we assess where to focus our efforts and what role our own brand websites play ?



Allison Eck, Digital Assoc Producer, WGBH Educational Foundation

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