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SXSW Interactive 2013

Can Carriers Hope to Be “Developer-Friendly”?

Let’s face it. The telcos have a rap for being tough to work with ever since Apple “opened up” and Google Androidized. Developers are the “the innovators!,” “the disruptive technologies!,” and “the next gen!,” but Grand-Ma Bell and her offspring, the telcos, aren’t as stodgy as you think. They’re driving disruptive technologies themselves, and developers stand to make a mint if they plug in.
The wireless carriers have built an incredible platform rich with data and APIs, and entrepreneurship is driving developer-friendly initiatives to reduce roadblocks and make it easier to work with them. The execs driving developer innovation will discuss the movement from wireless carrier to “enabler” and how far is left to go.
The now-open carrier APIs are a tremendous opportunity for entrepreneurs. The telcos have been enlightened to the promise and power of delivering mobile services, and it’s a brave new world to craft services with the promise of becoming the next disruptive technology.

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  1. How can developers take advantage of the APIs offered by the telcos to grow a business and launch the next disruptive technology?
  2. Where does carrier friction offer disruptive opportunity?
  3. Where can carriers do more to make it easy to build on their services?
  4. What benefits do the telcos give and receive by exposing their APIs?
  5. Does the industry need middle players to monetize what the telcos can offer to developers?


  • Naomi Morita, Vice President, Product Development, Locaid Technologies, Inc.
  • John Donovan, Senior Exec VP – AT&T Networks and Technology Organization, AT&T
  • Bill Goodman, Director of Technology, Verizon


Naomi Morita, Vice President, Product Development, Locaid Technologies, Inc.

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