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SXSW Interactive 2016

Cause & FX: The Good and the Bad of VR for Causes

Virtual Reality experiences can be powerful tools for causes. Reel FX Founder/ECD Dale Carman and AT&T Exec. Dir. of Integrated Brand Marketing, Management & Advertising Michelle Kuckelman discuss VR campaign “It Can Wait”, on the mortal danger of texting and driving. Specular Theory Founder/CEO Morris May discusses “Perspective”, which stunned Sundance 2015 with a VR date rape experience. Immersive journalist/VR pioneer Nonny de la Pena places viewers in a bombing and refugee camp in “Project Syria.” VR engenders empathy, but does gamifying add distasteful levity to serious issues under the guise of “entertainment”? Could VR experiences be so traumatic as to alienate viewers from a cause?

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  1. How can virtual reality storytelling uniquely inspire viewers to take action on social change campaigns?
  2. What kind of measurable impact has cause-related VR inspired in the past and how can a cause effectively create VR experiences that drive action?
  3. Is VR for causes adding distasteful levity to serious issues, compromising the integrity of cause coverage or going too far in recreating tragedy?


  • Nonny de la Pena , CEO of Emblematic Group and virtual reality pioneer, Emblematic Group
  • Morris May, CEO/Founder, Specular Theory
  • Dale Carman, co-founder Reel FX, ECD Reel FX VR , Reel FX
  • Michelle Kuckelman, Executive Director – Integrated Brand Marketing, Management & Advertising, AT&T


Tiffany Kieran, SR Mktg and Outreach Mgr, Reel FX

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