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SXSW Interactive 2016

Heads & Hearts: Consumer Engagement Where It Counts

As the proliferation of online purchasing puts a global marketplace in everyone’s palm, how and why do select products emerge from the paralyzing pack of choices into the pantheon of “it” brands, whether for a fleeting moment or for generations? Like guests at the perfect dinner party, four thought-provoking panelists debate and discuss this conundrum from the sometimes-conflicting points of view of a global retail and branding expert, a style columnist who tracks micro and macro trends in real time, a neuroscientist who can trace a marketing message to the dopamine it triggers in a consumer, and the brand director charged with making Cadillac cool again.

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  1. How do brands scientifically engage with consumer’s heads and hearts?
  2. How and why do products emerge from the paralyzing pack of choices, whether for a fleeting moment or for generations?
  3. How do brands, in-store experiences, celebrity association and social media play a role in consumer psyches and desires?



Katie Dabbs, Regional PR Specialist, Gensler

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